Catharsis is the first long-structure evolutive algorithm in the blockchain, a collection of 999 artworks inspired by the passion and energy of the abstract expresionism.

"Diving Into Dario Lanza's Catharsis"

Discover more about Catharsis in Kaloh's Newsletter article about the project.


The Catharsis algorithm has been carefully developed to generate human-like very decorative artworks that look gorgeous when printed. Holders can order here top quality signed prints of the artworks they hold.

Creative coding

Code is one of the most powerful, sophisticated and fascinating matters we have today to create art.

Visions of the Infinity

Exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and London, this project is a meticulous experimentation with the bending and deforming of light and the emotional effects it provides.

Poetry from a Computer's Mind

In this project I explore the computer, not just as a mute tool at the service of human creativity, but instead as an artist in its own right, as it attempts to imitate that creativity.